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  'Die Blumensucherin', Ein Beispiel aus unten stehender Liste

By education I am a Physicist and Mathematician, born 1929 in Leipzig and living in the vicinity of
Cologne since 1953. In 1972 I became interested in painting and in 1980 I developed the
"Lullish way of drawing". With it one regards the mass of all, but practiclly only of a great number of doodles. A doodle means a line drawn by a crayon within one or two seconts very fastly and
without any interruptions. Then one picks out of the mass of doodles one "proper" doodle and adds to it further lines and colors. The result is a picture which in any case contains the initial swing of the doodle. Besides that these pictures intrigue via their implied multiple ideas, and they are frequently superior to goal oriented pictures. But it is very decisive to find out a "proper" doodle. - Examples are: The girl looking for a flower, the happy-go-lucky, walking together and polo. A few of those pictures were sold via the publishing house PGM, Munich as posters. -

The name of Lullish Painting is traced back to a remark of the Mathematician and Philosopher in the 13th Century. According to him in the mass of all chains of letters, symbols and fractured lines of the same length are hidden all the the wisdom of humanity of the past as well as of the future. All one has to do is “to find it” .That means the possibilities as well as the difficulties here are quite the same as in the Lullish way of drawing.

Aside from that I fell in love with the charm of strong oil paint. I used it for many partially realistic objects of my phantasy, which are mostly of cheerful nature. Since 2000 the realistic elements were driven back by the play of form and color.. Examples are: autumn, the book worm, the red dot and the matrimonium, but also my computer pictures which can be viewed at www.computer.lieberoth.de

Very late in my life, the program GarageBand from the Apple world offered me the opportunity even to produce some music. You can find my songs either on Google under lieberoth youtube or directly under my songs

For the german issue of this webside I wrote many articles about many subjects interresting for me. Unfortunately they are up to now only written in the german language. They are acting about themes like politics, banking, healthy, physics, darwinism, cosmology, statistics, religion etc. You can find them by

And now a plea
. If you liked my website, please share with your friends its address www.lieberoth.de – otherwise scarcely one can find it.

A tip for best viewing.

In the listings below the titles and thumbs of pictures are in a nearly chronological manner – the first ones are the oldest, at the bottom are the youngest. If you click on a thumb the picture enlarges and shows its explanation text below the picture. I recommend to click on the thumb of a specific picture and to page then through all the pictures.

Questions for more information are always welcome – my e-mail is: jlieberoth@t-online.de

Enjoy – yours, Jürgen Lieberoth.


problems of today geese class picture Downtown messenger    
letter pigeon painter's stilln life song rcital space shuttle my mother    
submerged flowermonster Siesta upper-underworld first encounter    
easter goose envy wonderflower Tango Paris    
melancholy elegy bon voyage Madam women problems    
Allright allright Polo Cologne carnival mother and child industrial duck    
on the shore sea-horse Martha B. Eastern embedded    
at home wind-bride rapscallion lightheaded guy cockalorum    
mixture nid of a large city sandman knight plays Sergeant Pepper    
Submarin early spring oasis Hopsi-popsi Flower girl    
women mask rumor snide swingingly garden friend    
Swimmingpool walking together Litle nobelman Telekom Glashaus    
Go-getter at clouds Frauenzimmer The emu leaves Wiching hour The horse    
Proudly man Sand and beach El Vira Triptych The world child    
boisterous Fate Vacation Monument War    
The dog's flower Group of figurs Lady without nose Career, career Fabulous    
Cromwell Boat of life Pleasures of vacation The party Townscape
Afrika Le viveur Farmers dance Globrtrotter Bettina    
The Alien Blue horse Smoking male Horror vision Kosovo    
Sailers bride Bonds of family Fairyteller World wide web Clouds bride
Courtship Red in red Black tracs Straw doll Round table    
Intricates Bowling evening Love cry Modern times Nina    
Painterprince The Duett Synopse d amour Argonauten Shadow play    
Cafe Fromme The jointed doll Tea hall Elmau for mysterymonger Roll board    
Slim fare Circus Milieu Mascha Spa    
The duell Financial crisis Coffee splodge On tour reconnaiscence Holzarbeiten    
The girl out of the tram.. Jelzin Sarah Kraus-Kolter The juggler    
The keyhole The red point Thr net Beginning of a frendship The four hats    
Spring tree Autumn Matrimonium The bookworm The blue ram    
Tangram Winter The zest about the
succestful experienc
The Star Money The ceremonial act    
Plane trail Sentiment at the evening The divorce Winter sports Hurry up    
Manet Greta Tender fForms Olympia Red Flower    
Red Triangel Thick and small Spaghettie Chain of pearls Sleeping room    
confusion evening          

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